New Procedures and Guidelines announced by Customs & Border Protection and the US Department of State

Customs & Border Protection (CBP) recently announced a new procedure for travelers intending to enter the US by land in the issuance of an Arrival/Departure Record ( I-94). Under this new procedure, land entry travelers may apply and pay for their I-94 online up to seven days prior to their arrival in the US. Upon providing their biographic and travel information and paying a $6 fee, travelers receive a provisional I-94. The I-94 issuance process is finalized when the traveler arrives at the port of entry within seven days of the application, submits biometrics if applicable and is interviewed by CBP. The provisional I-94 expires if the traveler does not complete the issuance process within seven days of the submission of the application; in such case, the traveler must reapply and pay the fee again. Payment can be made with a credit card, debit card, direct debit or through PayPal. This new CBP procedure is designed to increase efficiencies during entry processing, decrease paper usage, and reduce operating costs.
To apply for your I-94 online, visit

The US Department of State (DOS) recently introduced new guidelines for visa and passport photos, to take effect November 01, 2016. Then, the DOS will no longer accept glasses on photos submitted as part of visa and passport applications. The DOS has indicated that glasses were the main cause of poor quality photos and that eliminating them would help reduce delays in visa processing and passport applications. Please note that if eyeglasses must be worn for medical reasons, the DOS will expect documentation in this respect through a letter from a medical or health care professional.
Please see below for the new DOS photo specifications: