Prevailing Wage

Level I – Beginning Level Employees

  • have only a basic understanding of the occupation
  • perform routine tasks that require limited, if any, exercise of judgment
  • their work provides experience and familiarization with the employer’s methods, practices, and programs
  • may perform higher level work for training and developmental purposes
  • work under close supervision and receive specific instructions on required tasks and results expected
  • their work is closely monitored and reviewed for accuracy

Statements that the job offer is for a research fellow, a worker in training, or an internship are indicators that a Level I wage should be considered. Employer requests for foreign workers are frequently for fully qualified workers who possess special skills. Wage Level I would not be assigned in those situations.

Level II Qualified Employees

  • have attained either through education or experience a good understanding of the occupation
  • perform moderately complex tasks that require limited judgment

An indicator that the job request warrants a wage determination at Level II would be a requirement for years of education and/or experience that are generally required as described in the O*NET Job Zones.

Level III Experienced Employees

  • have a sound understanding of the occupation and have attained either through education or experience special skills or knowledge
  • perform tasks that require exercising judgment
  • may coordinate the activities of other staff
  • may have supervisory authority over those staff

A requirement for years of experience or educational degrees that are at the higher ranges indicated in the O*NET Job Zones would be indicators that a Level III wage should be considered. Frequently key words in the job title can be used as indicators that an employer’s job offer is for an experienced worker. Words such as lead’ (lead analyst) or senior’ (senior programmer) or head’ (head nurse) or chief’ (crew chief) or journeyman’ (journeyman plumber) would be indicators that a Level III wage should be considered.

Level IV Competent Employees

  • have sufficient experience in the occupation to plan and conduct work requiring judgment and the independent evaluation, selection, modification and application of standard procedures and techniques
  • use advanced skills and diversified knowledge to solve unusual and complex problems
  • receive only technical guidance and their work is reviewed only for application of sound judgment and effectiveness in meeting the establishment’s procedures and expectations
  • generally have management and or supervisory responsibilities