USCIS Requiring In-Person Interviews for Employment-Based Adjustments

Starting October 1, 2017, USCIS will require in-person interviews for employment-based Adjustment of Status applicants. USCIS indicated on its website that the program will be phased-in, but no additional details have been provided regarding implementation.

The most recent USCIS data indicates that approximately 122,000 persons obtained their permanent residency through employment-based Adjustment of Status in 2015. This substantial increase in the number of USCIS interviews will likely burden local USCIS resources and result in delayed processing times.

Previously, most employment-based adjustment applicants were not required to be interviewed due to their low security risk. However, with the Trump Administration’s renewed emphasis on immigration enforcement, the agency will likely utilize these interviews to detect potential fraud and closely scrutinize eligibility.

Given these changes, employers will likely want to make additional arrangements for attorney representation at the adjustment interviews. It may also be advisable for employers to initiate the green card process earlier in anticipation of these delays. To develop a comprehensive strategy for your employee’s permanent residency, please contact Harry Gee & Associates for an evaluation.