Kay Stevens, Sulzer GTC Technology – 03/19/2021

I cannot thank you enough for all the support! I so appreciate each and everyone of you. I so appreciate your patience, guidance and understanding. You are an amazing team. GTC is happy to have you represent us!

N. Bulathsinhala 12/31/2020

My family and I can’t thank Tania and the office of Gee & Zhang enough for the excellent, efficient, and caring work they put in throughout the naturalization process. Tania was with us the entire step of the way giving careful advise and instructions especially with interviews. This process we started thinking it would be a lot of work and stress was made simple and painless thanks to everyone’s dedicated work. I would highly recommend.

Amir T. 12/18/2020

I have had to work with many lawyers and law firms throughout the years for different reasons and I have never met an attorney like Tania. There are not enough starts I can give to Tania J. Glowinski Gonzalez!! Her wealth of knowledge is very impressive and her hunger for more knowledge is even more impressive. She handles everything with amazing speed and accuracy and takes the time to always check on you to make sure you are okay. She makes the impossible happen!! I can’t thank you enough Tania!! Her true passion for people shows in the quality of her work along with her fascinating personality. Do not think twice about her integrity, just go to her and see for yourself.

Hari 01/2021

A big shout out to James Cypert and Candace Dawn Phillips for professionally managing our journey to US Permanent Residence.

Over the years, they helped us move smoothly through the processes of H Visa extensions, H4 EAD, & the complete permanent residence process with accurate guidance, quick and consistent turnaround time, without which we would be still waiting for our Green cards. James’s recommendations and advise on numerous occasions helped us achieve several of our professional & personal goals while we were going thru the process.

Based on our experience, we are very happy to recommend Gee & Zhang and specially James Cypert & his team for any of your immigration needs. No matter, how tricky or complicated the problems may seem, you can be assured of a sound guidance + flawless execution leading to desired outcome.

Gary K. 11/25/2020

Just wanted to say i would recommend Tania to anyone! She was a great source of knowledge for my family and I moving to the United States.From Visa Petition to Green Card application she guided us through the entire ordeal.

Beatriz Adriana S. 10/20/2020

Un excelente abogado en Inmigración cobra un poco caro pero arregla los casos.

A.M. 01/22/2020

Thanks everyone for their special work put into my case. God bless everyone. Special kudos to Daniel Zhang and Meyer Xiao. They rock!

Margaret Farmer – Lester Smith Medical Research Institute 08/02/2018

Dear Dhiraj and Lawrence —

You guys are awesome. Ramon notified us that his application for U. S. residency has been approved. Thank you very much for your diligence, attention to detail, and tenacity in bringing this case to a successful result. It was no small feat and you met the challenge.

We gratefully appreciate everything you have done.

Kindest regards,

A.N. 07/09/2018

Sr. Gee handled the green card applications for my wife and me in 1981, when we were recent PhDs who had been offered jobs at Gulf Research and Development Co. in Pittsburgh. He was extremely personable and efficient and we always appreciated his services. Many years later, we have now moved to Houston and took the opportunity to reconnect. We were pleased to see that Mr. Gee has continued building a thriving business and we were impressed with his personal community involvement.

S.B. 06/28/2018

N-600 Claim to US citizenship at birth application: To give some background, I am born to a US father and Indian Mother, in India. Parents were divorced and I was raised in India by my Mom and incidentally arrived in the US on a L1 work visa. In early 2015, I went to see Mr. Harry Gee to explore my potential US citizenship acquired from my US citizen father and highlighted his non cooperation in the matter. A family friend who received his green card thanks to Mr. Gee back in 1987 recommended him to me. Sr. Gee assured me that the citizenship claim is definitely possible but also informed me that I have a 50-50 chance of success and handed me over to the worthy hands of Attorney Tania GLOWINSKI GONZALEZ.

I had seen other lawyers prior to Mr. Harry Gee, who turned down my case due to the lack of documentation and proof of my father’s US citizenship and it being a complicated case. One firm even went on to say “It would have been easier if your father was dead”. However, upon talking to Mr. Gee and subsequently Tania I had a positive vibe and sensed that I was on the right path.

Tania and her team are dedicated, positive, organized and resourceful. The case was complicated and document intensive. The first and most unbelievable breakthrough was when they managed to retrieve proof of my Father’s naturalization from a court in Louisiana. Documenting every piece of evidence was of paramount importance when it came to proving the physical presence requirements. Primary evidence when unavailable was replaced by multiple secondary evidences, affidavits and information sourced from public documents.

The road was long and winding and it took 2.5 years to receive a positive reply from the AAO and 3 years to receive my certificate of citizenship and US passport.

I especially want to acknowledge Attorney Tania Glowinski Gonzalez whose knowledge and legal foresight convinced me to appeal the initial rejection from USCIS, which eventually helped me realize my birthright. Tania prepared the appeal with the AAO to the negative USCIS decision; her appeal eventually prevailed and was sustained. I would also like to appreciate all the efforts from all the legal assistants and Celina who has been great in coordinating periodic payments seamlessly over e-mails.

If you have an immigration case that you think has no solution, it is the time for you to visit Gee and Zhang because they are really instrumental in making the impossible, POSSIBLE!

Edwin 04/30/2018

Dhiraj has been serving my immigration needs for quite a number of years, and when my wife decided to apply for a green card, it turned out to be a blessing. The green card process was not as smooth as expected, there were delays encountered in USCIS, which could be attributed to errors on their side during the processing. However, Dhiraj, and his assistance, Lawrence, turned out to be the dynamic duo in resolving the issues efficiently. His experience and knowledge of the regulations allowed us to see through the process in relatively smooth, albeit delayed fashion. He is very personable and always available to provide guidance and advice, important attributes in such a complex process. He tries to anticipate potential issues and advises us on future steps to be taken avoid pitfalls.

I am happy to say that my wife received her green card in the mail 2 days ago.

I will definitely use Dhiraj again for my future immigration needs!

Kamila Mazurkiewicz 12/20/2017

I did my green card application with an attorney in my town in CT. After my green card was denied, I decided to change lawyers and call Harry Gee law firm, After speaking to Mr. Gee he recommended attorney at law Mr. Dhiraj Suvarna.
Through the process Mr. Suvarna was very professional and always made himself available to answer any questions or concerns. My husband and me were able to tell right away how professional he was compare to our previous lawyer. Sr. Suvarna was not only very knowledgeable and patient, when he explained the situation and options, but he was very detail oriented as well. He was very efficient in the multiple aspects of this complicated case, including managing other team members. Thanks to Mr. Dhiraj Suvarna we were able to win the appeal, I got my green card and now I will be able traveling to see my family for Christmas. For the first time after 13 años! I could not be happier! It was a very hard case and my husband and I are so grateful we came across Mr. Suvarna.

Lina Haecker 09/19/2017

I retained the services of Harry Gee and Associates. I had a tough removal of conditions on my residence because I divorced my husband prior to that. James Cypert was introduced as the attorney who would be assisting me in removing the conditions on my green card application. The end result was successful!! I’m very pleased and happy. I would highly recommend the services of Harry Gee and Associates.

Guideon Huismen 02/03/2017

The successful application process for an immigrant visa can be very complex due to the multiple variables pertaining to it. It is common knowledge that many applications get delayed or even rejected due to the non-compliance or rather lack of compliance to all the specific requirements.

Sr. Daniel Zhang and his team are very professional and extremely knowledgeable on each step of this process. They were very concise and proactive on the detail of each document we had to prepare and there were no rejections during the whole process. I will certainly recommend their services to anyone.

C.A. 02/03/2017

Harry Gee’s staff is very courteous and responsive and there were no disappointments. Attorney Patrick O’Rourke and his legal assistant Betty were knowledgeable about our needs and handled everything professionally. We will definitely recommend Harry Gee & Associate’s to our friends.

Shashank Prasad 02/03/2017

After some delays and a few hiccups my “file” was transferred to Dhiraj Suvarna. I decided to persist with Harry Gee and Associates by giving Dhiraj the opportunity to work on my application. I must say his professionalism immediately stood out and my application started steam rolling ahead. His dedicated and knowledgeable support staff were always available, in fact more often than not I would communicate directly with Dhiraj. With this personnel change my EB-1A extra-ordinary ability application was filed and approved within 4 months even with an RFE. My persistence with Harry Gee and Associates paid off as I was eventually very happy with their service.

MVM 02/03/2017

Harry Gee & Associates has been critical in assisting me and my family with our visa needs and immigration process in general. The firm has been very successful in achieving our goals and I highly recommend it.